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programs for our city are divided into 4 areas. civic operations, we have two graffiti removal vans that clean graffiti on our civic property alone. we do enhanced clean up, we have a contractor that does some additional clean up on city property as well as the clean up that's done by operational departments in the city. and interdepartment coordination is key. we have an operations department, operations committee that's made up of representatives from all the operations areas in the city and through that we coordinate all of our clean up on city infrastructure and we have all of our complaints come in through 311, which is the recording for the city of edmonton for all -- any complaint, recreation sign up, anything comes through 311. but we do manage our calls through that service. we have 4 seasonal bylaw officers that are dedicated to graffiti enforcement. this is -- yeah? >> how many people live in edmonton? >> there's about a million people in edmonton there's about a million. we have 4 seasonal officers that work only on graffiti. cost sharing of information of our prog
that there be mitigation in terms of the city's resources and institutions that ca ameliorate those effects in terms of affordability and continuity. this needs a process. resources instigate an institutions require as mitigation by state law. thank you very much. >> thank you. is there any additional public comment? seeing none, public comment is closed. >> as an additional matter we have technical amendments by the planning departmt. have an oral amendment drafted today basically stating notwithstanding for the mills act to allow eligible properties within this district to submit mills act application to the city until october 1, 2013. this year only so next year it will revert back to the state deadline. we have the planning department amendment and the amendment i just indicated. can we take those amendments without objection? >> that will be the order. any okay. i stwa ke a commts first to thank everyone particularly those who live in the district and those who are in favor and opposed and in addition to thank the numerous residents of this district who participated in the community process lea
is the housekeeper. let's hear it for him. [ applause ] . >> in just a few short minutes, 107 years ago, this city was devastated by the earthquake, by the gas fires that followed. there was nothing. there was no internet, there was no cell phones, there was no phones. people gathered. we are gathering here today to honor those who survived, those who perished and those who built this city out of the ashes. so please with me, sing again as we hold up the memorial to our fallen comrades, three of whom are alive today and watching from home. george cluchey, bill dell monte, and billy hook. san francisco, please. crabtree. >> c'mon, everybody.♪ [singing san francisco] ♪ >> [ applause ] . >> courtesy of city college of san francisco's great culinary department. hot soup. where is our soup? who knows. who knows where the hot soup is. >> right here on polk street. is that where it is? hot soup on gearey. good. first, some words of wisdom from our supervisors. take us to our leaders, please. >> hi, everybody, london breed representing district five and i'm so happy to be here today. we are here do
to fruition is truly a programmable and satisfying and it is really a new crown jewel for the city of san francisco. [ applause ] >> you know, some months ago this was just an abandoned pier and 300 million dollars later and a lot of love and attention, it has been transformed into a place of discovery, a place of imagination, and a place of repose. in this new neighborhood, here along the embarcadaro, the san francisco exporatorium is truly reborn bigger and better than ever, and we know in this new location and facility and sort of a new sense of enthusiasm it is going to be a huge success and a integral part of what visitors come to enjoy in san francisco and of course what all residents in the bay area come to enjoy. it is fantastic, i know that my kids used to love to come visit. i know that they will be excited and they are kind of big now and they will be excited to come and visit this new facility as well. we just aired and i want to remind for those of who you did not see it, i did a half hour special, thank you very much. [ applause ] and it is not, a shameless plug for the spec
. the project is part of a public-private partnership between the city and city fields foundation which has worked tremendously with us. it has and a successful partnership in our city for our kids and enabled us to add 2400 new san francisco kids playing ball and 200 new youth sports team as a result of this work that we have done together. the theme is soccer today. so earlier this week, the city devin dufty is work with the hope opportunity engagement announced that we are very privileged to be hosting street soccer usa, the west coast cup, which is a tournament to raise awareness for homelessness and to bridge the good between our various communities. the tournament takes place in june and includes both corporate teams and homeless teams from cities across the nation, playing and competing with each other. this story got some coverage, and i think some people were saying huh? homelessness, soccer and i wanted to bring up the founder of street soccer usa to tell us a little bit more about the tournament and show us a short video. rob, come on up. >> thank you for your time. >> come up
a picture. excuse me? it's also on the city's website, we will now move on to community presentations, starting with district 8, first we will welcome matthew o'grady of the parks alliance. >> i'm sorry i want to say one quick thing, leo, please stand up. he is our timekeeper today. he will show you cards to show that we are moving along. >> good morning. i'm executive director of the san francisco parks alliance . we are the independent partner to all of you, all of the city departments in all of us residents in san francisco for everything having to do with arcs, recreation and open space in san francisco. mr. mayor, yet seen a number of statistics, supervisors you have seen them, department heads, but many of you have not been many of the research statistics produced in the last year or so about just how much we love our parks. two thirds of us visit a park at least weekly; 90 percent of us believe that our parks are essential to the quality-of-life in san francisco; we use them so much and we love them to death. since 2005, into the city's general fund has
>> good evening, i am the executive director of inner city youth in district 11 and i represent the lake view (inaudible). the young people that we serve is 14-24. and are victims and perpetrates -- perpetrators of violence. they want us to bring up the focus in district 11 on jobs, and after-school programming for high school and middle school students. senior services. and revitalization of the broad randolph street and mission street corridor. district 11 is unique, we have been an under-resourced district and we need more from the city. we are committed and organized and have capacity. we are willing to work with the city to improve our district. and are asking for a meeting with the mayor, and workforce development and other city departments to set a plan of action in place. we want to make district 11 equally inviting and welcoming part of san francisco as other districts are. so i don't want to take up too much time. that's briefly what we are here -- the omic would like to present to the panel today. thank you. rrn fors fo they told me to stand in one place, i am use thi
. >> this is an ordinance authorizing the settlement of a lawsuit -- the wireless association versus is city and county of san francisco. >> roll call vote. >> chew i, cohen i, farrell i, kim i, mar i, tang i, wiener i, yee i, avalos no, breed i, campos i. there are ten i's, one no. a: /ord >> ordinance is passed. >> purr >> any discussion? roll call vote on this item. >> chew i; cohen i, kim i, mar i, tang i, wiener i, yee i, avalos i, breed i, campos i. there are 11 i's. >> this ordinance is passed next item. >> this is a /orbd /tphapblgs regarding the health code to raise patient rates charged for mental health services. >> this is passed on first reading. >> item ten, award in 71 thousand in salaries and reappropriating 71 to overtime in the public utilities communication division to support the department's projected increases in overtime pursuant to 9.113. >> why don't you call 11, 12 and 13 which have to do with similar /ord /tphapblgs. ordinance. >> and approximately 42 million in capital improvement program projects. item 12 is an ordinance reappropriating for overtime and pursuant to sectio
inspections. that to me was another example of our city being incredibly innovative in figuring out a way to confront the challenges that we do face particularly in the area of human trafficking on one side. i think it all fits to having this hearing tonight, the work of the family violence council for me - i feel like a broken record, i feel it is a model, the benefit of being both a city and county, in some respects it is easier to bring all partner agencies together by choice or by hook. but i would urge us to continue to look at regional partnerships and for ways to support this beyond our boundaries. the crimes are not just within our boundaries. >> a want to make this comment before we go into public comment, more question than anything else. in the spirit of how i do business. this is the part of tonight's agenda. i'm not saying it should have been. but tonight looking at the response of domestic violence, the prosecution rates, the query reporting module, and the other things i'm curious about the status of women. at some point i would like to hear about any progress in
was uninhabitable. it sat there vacant for quite a while. the city decided to buy the building in 1999 for $2. we worked and looked at ways that we can utilize the building for an office building. to build an icon i can building that will house a lot of city departments. >> the san francisco public utilities commission has an important job. we provide clean, pristine public drinking water to 2.6 million people in the san francisco bay area from the hetch hetchy regional water system. with also generate clean renewable energy for city services like public buses, hospitals, schools, and much more. and finally, we collect and treat all the city's wastewater and stormwater making it safe enough to discharge into the san francisco bay and pacific ocean. >> in 2006 the puc was planning a record number of projects. >> the public utilities commission is a very infrastructure-rich organization. we're out there rebuilding the water system. we've budget working on power generation in the country. we've been doing sewer for the city. we're looking at a brand-new rebuild of all watt systems in san francisco a
population in the city of san francisco of 25%. that's all across the city of san francisco, 25% of us will be seniors, including me. at the richmond senior center, about 81% of the people we see each day identify themselves as at or below the poverty level. we ask for a $2 donation for lunch. it is a donation. it's not a requirement. i get phone calls every once in a while from people who ask me if i can help them pay their rent. i think sometimes that people think of the richmond district as asian, russian. at the richmond district senior center, we are people. we are people who speak mandarin, cantonese, tagalog, russian, french, vietnamese and english. we are just people there, a lot of people together. we have some developmentally disabled seniors at the scenier center. one of them plays the conga in our drum circle each month. we get our funding through a community services contract with the city. a third of that contract goes to paying our rent each month, each year, i'm sorry. and that rent a year is $50,000 approximately. i was told that i could ask mayor lee when i was here,
served in this city. everybody is pushing through this thing without regard to the people's wishes come on it's time you all listened. as far as the traffic is concerned, the intersection at washington street is impossible right now. the traffic connected to the bay bridge now it's awful it's not sustainable. i'm directly involved with all the development from long ago with the giants etc. i can't even imagine the traffic that's going to take place with all this development and the giants with the huge development up here 337 is just going to be outrageous you have to consider all these factors before you do this. please pull this from the agenda until the voters have at least had a chance thank you. >> anyone else care to address the board on this one? >> yes. >> my comment was not addressed. i believe that needed to be attended to. the resolution essentially the calendar item on page 6 of the backed refers to the planning commission board of s ups and puc have approved their further approvals to come on that with respect to the resolution itself on page 3 the large paragraph in
know i work hard for the city. i have always worked hard for the st e but one of the reasons i do is because so many others work so hard for the city. i can't see more reflected for the city. the factor why we are a number of world destinations to come to whether it paris or china, the golden gate park, the legion of honor, this very exhibit that we are doing now with the girl with the pearl earning is just drawing wonderful crowds. last year, it drew 1.6 million visitors. that's an incredible number. then to add to that, both museums combined together service over 250,000 children and families. this is an incredible part of what our city is. i know that you know i have been working hard to attract different businesses, create more jobs in the city, provide more housing, all in an effort to make the city more successful but i always say, that as people like you and the board of trustees that provide us with a reason why the work hard to keep this city great as an international city to make sure we do all the things because arts, oftentimes when you talk to the employees of all the
to give money to this non-profit or to the city department and done or s gave this. that report is filed with the elected officials department and then transmitted to the ethics commission which i believe has those on its website. >> so the other one, that goes to the state. why we don't have the questions i understand that happened. >> yes, the 801 is filed with the f pbc, the 803 is filed with the department and with the ethics commission. >> okay. thank you. you had filed the 80 1 with the f pc 3? >> no. with we filed the 803. we followed the process that is required. >> is it in your opinion mr. give ner that 801 is required or not? >> our advice in situation like this where a department receives a benefit and it goes to the head office, that the department should file an 801 indicating that that individual received the benefit of the gift. >> that wasn't done in this case. >> that's correct. it was not done. we believe it was a gift to the city. we have consulted the fpcc has agreed that it was a gift and we believe we are within the law. >> the fpbc it's a gift but we have the 801
to germany's development. and he came here and he made enormous contribution to this city's development and i think that the fact that he became mayor, also pays tribute and shows the spirit of this great city. it already to me shows the diversity that characterizes this city and that already apparently existed at the time. a city that took up immigrants from all over the world and just treated them by marriage and not by any other criteria. >> so this is a wonderful tribute, i would say to germany in a way because he came from there and he liked to claim him as such. but especially to san francisco and to this man's entrepreneurship. and i would like to thank mayor lee for giving mayor sutro's bust this wonderful spot. thank you very much. mr. mayor. thank you all. [ applause ] >> and now, we will hear from one of the descendents. miss cythia, soyster great grand daughter. [ applause ] >> well, i can't tell you how proud and pleased my family is today to have this event happening. and i have another generation with me. i have the great, great, grand daughter in law of adolf and my, the great
>>> a bay area police department could be close to losing its police -- the police -- city could be close to losing its police department but this morning city officials made a new call for voters to keep it from happening. >>> good afternoon, i am tori campbell. we begin with developing news out of santa cruz. >>> a young mountain lion wondering around the downtown area is now trapped inside an aqua duct, robert honda is live with the strategies they are using to try to free the animal. >> reporter: tory we are hear along an aqueduct, which as you mentioned it has turned into an unintentional cage for a young mountain lion basically trapped inside. if you take a look you can see a team getting ready to tranquilize an animal that is scared and hiding. we know that because we have been watching it for a little while now. earlier this morning it was trying to scale the concrete sliding unsuccessfully and has been trying to do that for a while and now has given up, so while it is bad for the mountain lion it is god for the police since it presents no immediate danger. right now we a
fell victim to a sudden burst of gun violence. in a city that has seen its homicide rate decline. >> i hit the floor. they were so loud. >> i was devastated. i couldn't even fathom that it was my granny. >> neighbors heard 19 or 20 gun shots and shattered glass right at the place where she slept. >> her son was the target. i'm going to be honest, her son was a target. >> todd's son, a freelance mechanic was home at the time of the shooting. he was grazed by a bullet, but is okay. the shooters were trying to kill him. celting a score over work he had done on a car. todd's son had a reputation for ripping off his customers. >> he was doing this for everybody. and unfortunately, his mom took it. she didn't deserve that. >> todd's friends could only join hands, bow their heads and pray for justice. >> in richmond, cribsen ayers, kpix5. >> richmond police are offering a $10,000 reward. >>> a funeral will be held tomorrow in oakland for the grandson of malcome x. malcome beaten to death outside a bar in mexico city last week. he was 28 years old. services will be at the islamic cultu
this district to submit mills act application to the city until october 1, 2013. this year only so next year it will revert back to the state deadline. we have the planning department amendment and the amendment i just indicated. can we take those amendments without objection? >> that will be the order. any comments, colleagues? >> okay. i just want to make a few comments and first i want to thank everyone particularly those who live in the district and those who are in favor and opposed and in addition to thank the numerous residents of this district who participated in the community process leading up to this proposed district over the last several years. this has been a truly san francisco process and i say that in the most positive way in terms of people with everyone's perspective being passionate about this community and whatever they are with regard to passion because we all love this neighborhood and this neighborhood is truly an amazing one and not just because of the integrity of the historical architecture but because of where it's situated on the end line and the park and the wig
to it as it is currently written and presented by the city. not opposed to being ever a historic district, but under the current terms of this proposal, the burden lies completely with property owners. there is absolutely no participation or contribution by the city to ensure that the beauty, integrity of a district like this issen insured for the future. i believe this should be a shared responsibility. so i stand in strong opposition to the proposal as it is currently presented. thank you. >> thank you. mr. cham bre. >> good afternoon, dennis lane. i live at 75 piers and i'm here to voice my opposition. thank you. >> hi. amy hock man. i'm here to voice my support for the district. i do think that we need to save and preserve our history and i think a lot of the reason that dta started this process with what's going on in market street with those 8 story buildings going up. i think we need to pause and think about preserving this section of san francisco. >> thank you. >> good afternoon, supervisors. my name is jason, i'm in the proposed district raising three kids there and i have started, owned a
the work so i want to invite the general manager of mixed city. thank you for your work >> thank you. >> thank you. thank you for this amazing honor. mixed tv has grown so much over the year and 10 millions of household and chicago but san francisco has a special place in our hearts. and she works with me on mixed tv. we had our first major launch on 2009. we also had our first major event that won lots of awards but san francisco is where we start mixed tv so basically thank you to the city of san francisco. the bay area apa committee for your support and we hope to continue wreaking down barriers for the asian communicate. thank you so much. (clapping) >> so i want to name my two amazing co- chairs i know that they were here. once you're part of us you never get to leave. i want to thank all of them. we have actually over 70 or 80 volunteers but they're all over at city hall for us to get there. some of us are sitting in front of commuter with facebook and twittering but once in a while a lot of the responsibilities i wish who's going to do all the work? this reminds me ever a ce
to they we want to make that corner a relevant corner. i have experience i've done this in the city before. i had two liquor licenses in south park when there was nothing there i bought a building and had an entertainment license in this existing location. recently, we took over on polk street you're familiar with polk street in a year and a half it completely changed. bacally infested, you know,t was just about anything you want to illness there. we closed down that bar we changed the hours we only open at the 4 o'clock. we spent on excessive amount of money and david can testify we completely changed that street at least the client tell is different. the license has been there for 80 years it's anna bar we want to open up a clean established neighborhood bar. we have all it out reach with the neighbor there they have a small group we've talked to them about that and they're all opening their arms and we want to fix up that neighborhood. the city said we're going to open up 60 percent of that with windows. we can get outside seating and a hopefully, a park at that corner that will help. how
the independent, which is located in the heart of the western division. it's been a long standing city institution and has some of the best rock, indie and hip hop shows in the district. there's always a long line, whether it be music, but also comedy shows and other events. michael's -- his suck success with the independent is a true success story and his parents were irish immigrants who came here in is 1960s. we won't hold it against him that he went to [inaudible] but he also went to uc berkley. his dedication to small business, spirit led him to open the independent where he continues to be a leader and innovator in the arts industry. in 2009 it was nominated as the best small green business and it is michael's goal to create the first grn rock venue in the country. he works with the police department, working with dpt, working with the city in a way that i think sets the trends for how the night life industry should do business with the city. i want to thank you for your commitment to san francisco, thank you for your commitment to the night life industry and thank you for
, was on city infrastructure. other government considered 19 percent and of that 97 percent was on canada post boxes like they are the drop boxes that the mail carriers use for picking up their mail to deliver. they are being phased out, though, so again within the next year or so, those boxes are going to be phased out in edmonton so we'll see if it makes a change in graffiti results. but it also assists us in terms of how we approach them. so we take this information to canada post and basically say, get rid of the gray boxes. so, conclusions. edmonton's method for auditing graffiti vandalism is unbiased and effective as far as we've been able to determine. we use the results to work with the edmonton police service to determine our other services. the graffiti index and intensity index allow for specific locations within the neighborhood. we found we had significant results over the first year, in terms of the decrease 42.7 percent and while we have leveled off this year, we are confident that by analyzing the neighborhood data we will be able to make strong changes to our programs to
of the poorest people in this city. it is well known that fines will end the borrowing career. and fines also deter usage by the poorest people, particularly because they know that they can't get into a situation where they just don't have the cash to pay. the library is coming up to you as a board, with a new fines schedule. the direction is good. dollar fines for dvds are going to $0.10 generally, but it should go to $0.00 and if not, at least as a backup plan, allow patrons to work on in some fashion the fines. i would concur with the previous speaker that friends' finances are a scandal and it should be front page news in the papers here. thank you. >> thank you. next speaker. >> i have a question for the supervisors and all the people present here, you all heard of the emancipation proclamation? it was a time if i had the means and the desire -- by the way,, where is my supervisor? where all of the supervisors, especially my supervisor. where are you? >> if i could remind members of the public to be silent and we have a rule that we ask the members of the public to applaud. thank you
been involved in the area since i moved to the city in 1988. and even though i didn't live in the area for a while, i have always come back to it to do what i could. one of the main problems i see is the huge groups that are there, the conventioneers who do not realize that when they are walking five abreast down the sidewalk, it's very difficult to get by them; let alone someone in a wheelchair. if they had more ramps coming and going off of the sidewalks, so that if someone is being driven, they could get of the car, get onto the sidewalk. things like that are not being done, and the museum that is proposed, wonderful, but in the various drawings they don't show -- like at the end of the block eh they have a ramp and it's a long block there. and cab drivers have said, what can we do? how do we drop people off here? there are no ramps to get off the sidewalks and that is just for ordinary people. so please think about us. >> thank you. let's hear from the next speaker. >> good afternoon, supervisors my name is john, and i am a representative and also president of the african un
that be approved and we wouldn't have to come back or would we have to come back? >> mr. city attorney if we need to deter this can we have time. >> yes. the economy can decide to continue the item as the clerk mentioned. if you want to pass to out today you would have the file on file. and when it's at the board a - two weeks from now you would reference the agreement on file or being submitted by the department. >> just my preference is we have it here. we've harder the items. we can actually amend out and delay two weeks? >> that's fine. all right. colleagues any other questions? we'll move to public comment? any public comment? seeing none public comment is closed. i agree we want to get this thing done. so the clerks recommendations can we have a motion to do that. we'll move this item forward to the full board. and we'll can't agree upon this until there's a grant? >> i don't think that's necessary. we can recommend that the board approve it. >> so we have a recommendation to move this forward. >> i want to be sure are we deferring this until next week? this will be recommend to ma
attorneys office to speak on no. 8. >> thank you. this is not a grant coming to the city of san francisco. these are to support our efforts of the first of it's kind local sentencing commission that passed through here just over a year 1/2 ago. the specific responsibilities that will be completed by nccd made by the city of san francisco commission which maybe through responding to members questions and providing briefings to all the membership and the public. in addition, they will also be providing support through our victims services. we are going to conduct victims services analysis to meet all the needs of the victims who are presented to our office. i'm happy to answer any questions that you may have about the technical assistance will provide and the san francisco sentencing commission. >> thank you very much. colleagues any questions? >> okay. seeing none. we move to public comment. is there any additional public comment? seeing none, public comment is closed. >> can i have a motion to mover this item f so moved. we can do that without siitem no. 9. 130274 [accept gift - design se
who are supporting this neighborhood. all over the city we have 11 of these cb ds thought the city and 5 entire districts. the latest one i want to thank the board for the district that is raising their own money that can really compliment the downtown moscone. the neighborhoods i enjoy just as much because the neighborhood are constantly working to find ways to improve. i'm glad to see public works that helps get the permits done for those parks that have been here for 26 years and having funny; right? >> and that's at the way it should be. we have fun where we live and it's always a great investment to have the agencies working together with the neighborhoods association and the community benefit districts to improve and constantly change and improve the streets and uses of the streets as we try to support our neighbors. this makes our city great. i want to recognize scott wiener and david is working along broadway and trying to create the newest and freshest districts there. we call it the entertainment district. but getting the businesses up there a little bit better organized
think it's worth noting adopted area plans cover much of the city where we expect a lot of the growth that sarah has talked about would occur by 20 40 ~. so, having said that, though, i did want to highlight a couple of implications that if the city chose to perform c-e-q-a review under sb 375, there could be some potential benefits that could be gained and those are the standard of review would be different for a negative declaration. right now the standard of review is [speaker not understood] under sb 375 or under this plan it will be the substantial evident standard which defers to the lead agencies and expertise. if we do end up performing an e-i-r, for instance, one of the benefits would be that we would not have to look at off-site alternatives in our e-i-r analysis. it is relatively rare for us to do that in the city, but we do have projects for which we do that and in the future if we opt to proceed c-e-q-a calls under 375, we may not have to do that. similarly, and i think this is probably the most important one, is when we do an e-i-r for residential project under sb 375, w
for then what can we do for this project if the projects that the city can move forward, affordable housing, safety and bike lane. what else can we do. i'm hearing it's not really the appeal. it's actually getting the determines. that is what is holding up these projects. that's what i have been hearing now from some developers. i guess i'm trying to push on you to get that. >> what would require to us get project priority is to identify the process in our control to treat expeditiously. >> that is not the project of the aspect that holds up the project. >> this is what i have been hearing from developers. >> that is not been our experience. it's after that point where there are studies that projects change where we have to do studies that determine, what types of impacts are, that's the time, it isn't the determines of what the level of the review is. the project changes or the studies required or studies find impacts and we try to reduce those impacts. that's where the time sync is. i'm y that is hot button issue. the problem is later in the studies. >> okay. that's helpful. >> on that is
? >> reporter: no, quite a crowd here right now. a popular area for people to come and park and look at the city lights. it's not clear what all the people were doing at 5:30 in the morning yesterday. >> sure. thank you, joe. >>> the father of a 12-year-old boy who has been accused of stabbing his 8lights to death says he's standing by his son until he sees the evidence. leila fowler's brother said he saw an intruder running from the valley springs home the day his sister was killed. that set off a two-week man hunt that ended with the boy's arrest on saturday. >> it's unreal how somebody at 12 years old could have a mind set. what was going through his mind? >> investigators will not say what lead to the arrest, but they do say that they have collected a substantial amount of evidence in the house including dna. >>> search teams are trying to find a 9-year-old autistic girl from san francisco who disappeared from a vacation home. her father reported her missing in clear lake yesterday. she is four-feet tall, 70 pounds, and has blue eyes and brown hair. she is unable to speak and has a mental ca
cities have. and now, please join me in welcoming the mayor of our great city the honorable edwin m. lee (applause) . . >> thank you very much mr. davis for that introduction, happy valentine's everybody ... >>> (applause) . >> wow what a wonderful occasion. i mean how can you be today valentine's day in a room full of heros on the field of heros yeah (applause) in the innovation capital of the world the world class city of san francisco congratulations everybody for being a hero today. you know the san francisco hospital foundation the general hospital foundation has been such a wonderful wonderful entity and i want to just thank stephanie your leadership, i want to thank julie and rich at the board with all of the other board members, the staff at the hospital, all of the staph, you know sometimes the doctors have to do it's emergency work but what makes that whole hospital run is literally everybody that works at the hospital from the social workers to the accountants to the administrators to the nurses, and nurse practitioner and is the doctors and all of the fundraisers than
francisco, to our city, to our state, and to our nation. and i was so impressed yesterday that both of them intently sat here yesterday taking it all in. and it was the highlight really i think of the seminar to have the evening closing remarks capped off by former secretary of state george schultz. so, thank you very much, sir, for being here. (applause) >> it is a wonderful partnership that he shares with his wife who is chief of protocol for our city and our state, charlotte schultz. so, thank you very much. (applause) >> certainly this partnership couldn't take place without all of the heavy lifting and hard work done by the san francisco fleet week association. so, thank you to general myatt for your vision. this is your three of not only the celebration events, but what you spoke to earlier. also the executive director of the fleet week association lewis lubin. thank you very much. (applause) >> i've had the pleasure of serving in the san francisco fire department for 22 years. it will benign years in nine since i stepped up and took the role of chief of the department. i continue to
, but to work to get more women appointed to these bodies that help make legislative decisions for our city and county of san francisco. >> i am from san francisco. i grew up in the local neighborhood. i did my under deprad wait work at fisk university, where i studied political science with a concentration in public administration and worked eight years largely in the public sector. then i earned a master's degree from carnegie melon in pittsburg, pennsylvania. i spent some time as assistant executive director for a non-profit. we did work if a lot of kids in the neighborhood. i have done fundraising for candidates and issues. i have experience with the federal reserve bank of san francisco. when i look around my neighborhood and see the changes that are happening, i so there is no neighborhood grocery store. i see that small businesses in particular are coming and going, and they haven't been able to really sustain themselves. from my work experience in working for the city in the mayor's office as well as in the non-profit, i had a good sense as to what some of the challenges were. when
communities. and this year joining our committee of the sisters cities i want to thank you because this is what this is about the mayor says the san francisco pride is wonderful to work together with all our asian communities thank you very much. so with that. thank you. again. >> thank you for your leadership in making this a model for other cities to follow. now we were hoping to our mayor but the mayor received a last minute invitation to be with president clinton and his wife but in his place i'd like to have the following supervisors come up and the president of the board of supervisors to present the award and others and we would like to invite the other peripheries and elected officials to join them and the school board member and welcome them on stage. (clapping). thank you very much. >> good evening everyone hello. okay. just making sure you guys are out there. thank you and on behalf of the committee i also want - on behalf of the board of supervisors i want to say thank you and especially on behalf of mayor lee. i want to thank everyone to come to celebrate the contr
board. >> mr. clerk call item number 3. the computation of the bike rental recreation in city parks >> okay supervisor farrell. so you wanted to say that this is sponsored by supervisor london reed and myself. i appreciate the bike facilities and this contract and the benefits to golden gate park benefits the local community. however, i know there were challenges with it out reach and it's great to have an expert here from the department. the challenges of the outreach and i appreciate rec and parks outreach around the park. this is important that we accept the recommendation to keep future recommendations with the board of supervisors. we have to do diligent work. >> nick before you speak real quick we have another comment. >> thank you legislative aid i'll be brief. just to echo what the supervisor said supervisor reed is very supportive and believes this amendment is a collaborative approach and we support the recommendationss of the trial period >> okay. thank you. we have a gentleman here from recreation and park >> this is an amendment to the at least for the park side b
the evaluation of folks in the city. i know that in boston they would take folks immediately to the hospital >> we have multiple as to the throughout the city. >> we recently were drilled. >> so there's no plan to even discuss putting a helicopter pad here. >> i don't know. >> that's an issue that's been discussed for years and years. >> that is an ongoing discussion. >> i think for over all safety of the city and residents at large we're trumped any kind of issues there and i think the litigations for a help out pad should be looked at. thank you chief gonzalez. under sheriff did you want to add with the sheriff's department? >> i think the chief will provide some more information. >> thank you. are there other departments that point to share your parts in special events that planning? any questions for our chiefs? yes >> i want to commend the chief for the work it looks great it looks responsive and they had a great plan and what happened to boston i think the public will be safer as a result. >> thank you. i agree. next on our agenda is the update and michelle is the project ma
't have a problem. >> before i became a consul ant i was with city of san jose antigraffiti for 10 year. we ended up with over 3,400 graffiti volunteers. that's a big number. and the number of -- first of all, we did a good job training them and we made sure that if there were -- that they knew if there was anything out there, somebody watching them or a gang area, a gang tag, we didn't want them dealing with that. they he should call it into our staff and we'll take care of it for them. we had absolutely zero in 10 years issues with liability, none, not one. not only that's correct but we put every volunteer on our city's workers' compensation program, every single one. so, if there was a problem they were covered under the city's workers' comp program. and we had zero claims. and then we also inherited an antilitter program. we had over 14,000 antilitter volunteers. they weren't using the chemicals or anything like that, but we had same thing, no problems, no complaints, no liability issues at all. and we only gave solvent to adults. we didn't give solvents to any minors. and we made
people in our city that are currently unemployed and we hope that the city will collaborate with our -- with the nonprofit organizations and the private sectors in bringing more jobs to young people this summer. last summer, s.f. summer job plus program was extremely successful. we brought over 5,000 jobs to our young population. and this summer we hope to bring 6,000 jobs r young people. and on behalf of san francisco youth commission and the young people in san francisco, i would like to thank the mayor and all those who have worked and collaborated in bringing jobs to the young people in san francisco. thank you. (applause) >> thank you. do we have other speakers? all right. with that, i just wanted to also take some time just to layout from here on out the process. so, the mayor, his team, and some of the department representatives will be traveling throughout the next several weeks to hold other budget town hall meetings throughout different districts. i know that the mayor's office as well as supervisor farrell have on their website information about where those next dates and
of public safety we're painting for the rest of the city if we want to make an imimprint on the city that we're doing a better job of tackling recidivism. 75 percent of our population is pretrial that means that a high majority of the folks in our jail population can't afford bail or people who certainly representative of more disadvantaged population. and for the first time in the null insensitive commission we're wrestling with old mainstays that have vexed criminal justice system nearly 70 percent of our jail population is with substance problems. but when you see mental health issues we're seeing a higher behavior court those were court again that were established some years ago and are worth their weight in gold so help process a population instead of just falling back on indicator first then rehabilitate later. the picking order is 55 thousand dollars a year so if we resort to more alternative ways to make a good use of resources we are saving the taxpayers significant amounts of money. i absolutely >> - excuse me. >> i welcome the budget analysts reports. >> tell you said accident
there was information that people should have disclosed and i think there were many city staffers who know that but who were either told to keep it to themselves >> we're back on focus here. >> if i could ask a couple more questions. was there that i others type of consideration as you were considering whether the eight washington construction could have been - where the construction could have been using the puc facilities to protect the facility? >> not that i'm aware. >> next slide p.s. this is a letter from the director to you. do you recall this letter in. and in this letter he states he's been aware there's been a discussion thank you puc whether the washington construction could be relocated. so we're hoping the sewer system protected in this letter to you it was described but you may not recall this does this ring a bell? >> quite frankly this was the directors idea but i was not informed by any other documents that moving those facilities was going to happen. >> okay. did it ever occur to you if there was a risk to you in the report you say there's only a 3 and a half foot between the f
it's a relatively new city under constant construction. but because it's in the arid mojave desert, the challenge of las vegas is supply. woman: all the growth and everything that's occurred in southern nevada has been with colorado river water. without it, the west as you know it today couldn't exist. narrator: to sustain their growing community with its limited supply, las vegas learned to be extremely efficient. mulroy: this is a desert, and it has its own beauty, but you have to get beyond what you're used to. as long as people recognize they're moving to the desert and give up this notion that they have to bring eastern vegetation with them and make the necessary adaptations in their own life, desert communities can continue to live. man: the biggest water user in the desert is turf. turf uses a lot of irrigation and uses spray irrigation, so what we've done here is use artificial turf. you're never going to be able to achieve the look of back east or the look of, say, california, with subtropical plants, but our landscapes are still lush and use about 30% of what the subtropi
the city. this would help them reduce their isolation and help them to find the resources they nee to stay i healthy. i want to speak about a increase in funding for the abuse programs. they have run a residential safe house for women trying to get out of prostitution. we're concerned about the substance abuse treatments for those woman's. to reduce those programs of mental health and substance abuse promise is not humane. i would underscore our certain that c pmc is not including the type o type of health needs. we're concerned about the elimination of the psych mental health in the hospital >> we have 5 more speakers so if your name was called. it's a little bit more confusing there's a lot of seniors that are not in the room by it's important to know that $9 million was fund for 19 labs all over the city for seniors and persons with a disability and that resources has been given to the city of san francisco and now it's up to the city of san francisco to maintain the commuters and if the commuter fwlaeksz the senior center there will be no fund to correct this. just envision user witho
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